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Brand and website development for e-commerce start up

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The Client

Blackbear Comics is an online start-up business founded in December 2020 with the short term aim of selling a range of comics and a mid term plan to sell a wider range of complementary items.

With a stock of over 2000 comics the site offers a back catalogue of iconic titles including Batman, Iron Man, Spiderman, Star Wars and more.

Blackbear Comics Ecommerce Solution

The Challenge

To create a brand identity, and develop a new website that reflects the vibrancy of the subject matter - super hero comics!. The website needs to be simple to manage and include a complete e-commerce solution for site visitors and administrators alike. As with any online business, and particularly with a start-up, the need to develop a marketing plan that will generate the right kind of site visitors is of primary importance. The super-hero comic world is hugely popular and has several well established brands and websites supplying a range of products. But like a true super-hero, you can't be scared off by the size of the opposition. 

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The Solution

The new website is built on Shopify to provide a complete e-commerce solution that is affordable for a start-up business, whilst offering scalability as the business grows. The website is the culmination of a 6 month plan and the first business for a young entrepeneur. The project was completed and launched in 4 weeks, and Blackear Comics' young owner is now focused on developing his online presence and increasing traffic via mainstream social media platforms.

The planning element of the project included the development of concepts for user journey, mood boards, wireframes, navigation types, and mock ups of the website’s main pages before a move to a full design and build stage.

Visit the Blackbear Comics website here.

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