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The day of the plastic licence is gone!

Use our eLicence portal and never again have to print another plastic licence.

So what is eLicence? 

In simple terms the eLicence portal holds all requisite information that would normally be seen on a printed card; licence holders sign into the secure portal via a smart phone or tablet and the eLicence system creates a virtual licence card on their mobile device. This is then used to prove identity, levels of competence, qualifications, certification, validity of test results - in fact any information required to be on a licence card. 

As a digital solution the information in the portal is updated as frequently as required, with the ability for licence holders to ensure their local licence cards are always up to date.

No more printing and mailing of licences and no longer a reason for a licence to be out of date.

And an administrator view as well...

for those cases where a double check needs to happen, or a smart phone is not available, a supervisor has administrative rights to the portal and can view employee details from any device.  Managers are able to analyse licence information by business unit, employee, or location to provide instant and up to date information.

Imagine the cost savings....

One of our clients with over 7000 employees and contractors printed licence cards 4 times a year and mailed them to each employee, with some employees having multiple licences. Forget for the moment the task of ensuring they all arrived at the correct address and were all correct, just think of the cost of all that printing and mailing. 

eLicence allows all 7000+ employees to sign in and create virtual licence cards as often as they want with no printing and mailing costs.