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So just what should a tenant portal offer?

It has to be self service - and it needs to be simple to use for people like me

Ask a member of senior management and they will also want a tenant portal to reduce the volume of calls to your contact centre or office, or more precisely to reduce those calls that could be dealt with online effectively, with no loss of customer care standards.

And they will want customers to carry out online transactions such as rent payment, setting up a direct debit, booking a repair appointment, viewing their rent statement, and completing enquiry forms simply and effectively.

Do all of that in a tenant portal that works well, looks good and allows customers to self register, and operates securely, and you have happy customers and happy management.

iHousing at Irwell Valley Homes

iHousing at Irwell Valley Homes

Hastoe tenant portal

Hastoe tenant portal

The Reevuu resident portal (Reevuu RP) enables property companies to offer self-service online capabilities to residents; and efficiency improvements for property management teams.

Some common reasons for the slow adoption of digital projects in the property sector are poorly designed user interfaces, lack of tangible benefits for users, and the failure to provide incentives for residents to self-serve.

The Reevuu RP tackles these issues and can help property companies deliver successful digital projects.

We provide the design, back office system integration and resident incentives to make self-service a success in any organisation, and in an affordable and flexible package.


The self-service maintenance module enables residents to investigate, and where necessary, report maintenance requests 24 hours a day, directly through Reevuu RP.

And the processes within Reevuu RP allow for maintenance requests to be integrated with internal processes, even linking with contractor scheduling systems where appropriate and required.

Reevuu RP helps to reduce calls to your resident support team with self service information on many common maintenance tasks, saving your organisation time and money.

We support full integration with widely used diagnostic tools to deliver image driven diagnosis where required. Residents can view the status of current or previous requests and provide feedback on services received.


Reevuu RP provides residents with the ability to view account transactions and pay outstanding balances.

Integration with your existing property management solution and with payment providers including WorldPay ensures tenants have all the financial information they need to securely select and pay their invoices.


The Community Information module provides residents with useful information about their local area populated from freely available sources such as Google and complemented by customisable content from the Content Management System.


Making resident manuals available online is the 21st century alternative to printed books and fully mobile optimised versions make access simple for all audiences. And your business removes the cost of printing. Reevuu RP can work with you to convert content to a digital format for on screen viewing and as downloads.


Reevuu RP makes signing for a property a simple step by step process.
The Resident Agreements module has been created to take tenants through the pre-tenancy process with task lists and documents available online. The use of electronic signature technology, if chosen, eliminates the need for travel to a lettings office or to the property.

Reevuu RP enables tenants to:

View and sign tenant documentation and securely pay their pre-tenancy funds through integration with payment providers such as WorldPay


The Reevuu RP allows property companies to offer unique advertising opportunities to local businesses, providing residents with access to relevant tailored promotions.

Whether this be the local general store, the nearest restaurant, or popular coffee chain, residents are presented with a range of offers relevant to their location, lifestyle and housing situation.

Our eTenant portal does all of that and more - it can be configured to run with dynamic interfaces to a housing management system such as ActiveH or QL; a middle ware solution such as MS Dynamics; or to run with overnight exports of data. Whatever the technical requirement and budget the team at emerald can deliver a solution.

And all within an affordable and flexible package.